Rank up your brand


Social Media Influencers are the celebrities of the new generation. They dominate the internet with their witty and entertaining content, racking up a huge amount of followers. This is why we made it our mission to connect brands with the perfect influencers who can help them grow. 


The correct influencers will add, not only the connection to people and the brand, but also the credibility from trusted individuals. We always aim to create high quality and engaging content for our clients. 


How can Influencers rank up with us?


JomoData x DynoRank is here not only to help brands grow, but also for Infuencers and content creators to develop a career that they love. With no clear educational guide or SOPs, it can be hard to start a successful career as an Influencer, but we are here to provide you with information, resources, and opportunities that can help you rank up.

Distributor Partnership

As for distributors, we currently have three different types of rank up. First, we offer a cross promotion to our different social media platforms. We also run a referral campaign, where we give the partner distributor an additional fee for every backer we will get from the distributor. Lastly, we will give them a special Kickstarter offer. This special offer includes a wholesale pricing for a minimum amount of product, their brand logo will also be added on the product when they purchase the KS special. 



If you are interested to become a partnership with Dynorank x Jomodata leave us a message below

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