Upgrade Your Workspace with the Versatile Focus Dock

Stay Organized, Prioritize Tasks, and Boost Productivity with Ease
The Focus Dock is your ultimate productivity companion. Stay organized, prioritize tasks, and declutter your workspace. With a movable acrylic sticker, effortlessly rearrange and focus on key tasks.
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Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a an organized work environment

Customizable Task Organization

Easily prioritize tasks with our movable acrylic sticker. Dive into what matters most and maintain a clear focus on your top priorities.

Seamless Integration

The Focus Dock isn’t just for tasks. Compatible with all our products including hexstatic and chargedock, it effortlessly adapts to your preferred work environment, blending functionality with style.

Magnetic Attachments

Never lose track of your essentials. Magnetically attach your watch straps, pen, and AirPods to the Focus Dock, ensuring they're always within reach and securely in place.

Reusable and Sustainable

Move towards a greener workspace. Say goodbye to disposable sticky notes. Our acrylic stickers are not only reusable but promote an eco-friendly work environment. Be productive and eco-conscious simultaneously.

Portable and Versatile

Your productivity, now mobile. Lightweight and easily removable, the Focus Dock is a game-changer for those who frequent coffee shops or co-working spaces. Set up your organized workspace, wherever inspiration strikes.

How to Use the Focus Dock in 3 Steps

Prepare the Mount

Gently peel off the protective layer from the Focus Mount’s sticker.

Position Perfectly

Firmly attach the Focus Mount to the back of your PC, ensuring it's secure and in your preferred location.

Attach the Dock

Effortlessly connect the Focus Dock directly to the Focus Mount. Now, you're all set to enjoy an organized and efficient workspace.
Get an Exclusive Discount
We're launching soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!

See the Focus Dock in action

Our Beta Testers Love it Already

James Clint

Content Creator
"The Charge Dock has simplified my charging routine. It's stylish, functional, and keeps all my devices powered up effortlessly."

Vanessa Williamms

""I love the convenience and design of the Charge Dock. It's become an essential part of my workspace, keeping everything organized."