Decluttering Home: Signs That You Need to Declutter Your Home

Messy home

Decluttering a home is not easy, there are many signs that you need to declutter your home. The living room, bedroom, dining room, and laundry room, all of them have a lot of clutter to be fixed. It’s easy to overlook them because we often think of clutter as being a mess on the floor or in closets and drawers, but it can also be excess stuff in our homes. If you’re feeling like things have become overwhelming and don’t know where to start, read this article for 15 signs that it’s time to declutter your home!

Common Signs that You Need to Declutter Your Home

You Can't Easily Find What You're Looking For

Another desk organization tip is using clear plastic drawer organizers inside your desk drawers. This will help ensure that things like paper clips, markers, nails files, etc. do not end up rolling onto the floor when someone opens or closes their drawer (which happens quite frequently!)


There are lots of organization hacks you can try to create a more efficient workspace. For example, using sticky tabs on your desk drawers so that you know which one is for what. This will prevent someone from opening the wrong drawer and getting frustrated because they cannot find what they are looking for!

woman sitting in messy room

Keeping only what’s needed in drawers and cabinets will help reduce stress levels as well as keep your belongings organized. However, if nothing seems out of sorts at first glance, look elsewhere for that decluttering session needs to happen – check under the bed, in piles of clothes/towels, and even inside cabinets.


Unneeded things can easily become “lost” when they’re cluttered together because you won’t know where to look for them! This goes back to our original point – if it’s hard to find what you need right away, declutter your home and start fresh.

Cabinets and Drawers Don't Close Easily

Do you have cabinets or drawers that are always opening because the contents don’t allow them to close properly? This can be a sign that it’s time for decluttering home.

If your family members find themselves constantly trying to shut office desk drawers, kitchen cupboards, and dresser storage but failing every day – there might be too much stuff in those areas preventing everything from closing smoothly.

Messy Drawers

This is especially true if it’s not just one area of your house with this issue; try cleaning out all your storage throughout the entire home since they may need some decluttering as well! Things like clothes, food containers/packaging, blankets, books, toys, etc. should never take up permanent space inside any cabinet or drawer. It’s a safety hazard to leave things in areas where they can easily fall out and hurt someone. 


If you’re worried about how your family members will feel about the decluttering process, remind them that this is all for their benefit! Getting rid of excess items reduces stress levels as well as makes it much easier to find what’s needed daily. If you can’t find what you need right away, it will only cause more stress and frustration – so declutter home now to prevent this outcome!

You Waste Money on Stuff that you Already Possess

Are you constantly buying new things or even thinking about purchasing items to fill up your home? If so, this might be a sign that it’s time for decluttering.


Many people buy stuff because they think it’s “necessary” without realizing their current possessions can fulfill the same needs just as easily! For example, many people have trouble resisting the urge to spend money on food containers and storage spaces when they already own these items but are simply hidden away in cabinets.


If you feel like all of your cupboards/drawers are stuffed to capacity with random household goods, try removing some less-used ones first before adding more clutter into space – especially if certain essentials seem hard to find immediately after replacing them.

empty wallet

Your House is Not a Relaxing Environment Anymore

Do you feel stressed out while at home? If so, this might be a sign that it’s time for decluttering.

Many people are unable to reduce their stress levels until they address the underlying problem causing them in the first place! For example, many families find themselves rushing around because of all the unnecessary clutter inside their homes – which makes finding things take even longer than usual . This can cause everyone to get frustrated and angry with each other very easily since it’s impossible to relax when there is too much stuff everywhere!


People who own cluttered homes often have issues relaxing on days off or during vacations due to how chaotic everything feels. However, if your living space was organized properly , it would drastically improve your quality of life by reducing your daily stress levels!

If you feel like all of the clutter in your home is preventing everyone from enjoying themselves properly, try decluttering and organizing everything today to make a change.

stress woman

It's Been Over a Year Since You Decluttered Home Last

Each year, many people find themselves struggling to keep up with the constant accumulation of new random items . This is because most homes are filled with one or more clutter magnets which contribute to things never staying organized properly!

If something takes up permanent space inside your living areas such as clothes , books, toys, etc – then there is no excuse not to remove it from those rooms immediately if they aren’t being used anymore. Otherwise these types of objects will just continue adding onto the existing mess and inevitably cause everyone in the house to stress out much easier than before!

There isn't a Single Empty Spot on the Floor

If you have to walk around items in order to get from one side of a room to another, then its time for decluttering.

Many people find it impossible to keep their living areas free of clutter because they feel like there isn’t any space left inside them! However, if your floor is completely covered with random things , this means that the only way you will ever be comfortable again is by removing all those objects which are preventing everyone from relaxing properly .

You cannot expect members of your household or guests visiting home on occasion not to trip over these types of objects either – so stop putting yourself and others at risk today by decluttering now!


You've Misplaced Valuable Items

If you’ve found yourself frequently misplacing important items such as your wallet, keys or phone because of too much clutter inside home, then it’s time for decluttering!

Many people find themselves unable to relax and/or focus on their work when they can’t find certain objects like these . This is because the disorganization in their homes has made it nearly impossible for them to keep these things from being misplaced somewhere else instead.

The good news is that this problem can be solved by decluttering each room one at a time until everything finally fits comfortably again without taking up permanent residence on any surfaces ! If you have lost valuable items during past attempts at reducing random messes , don’t worry – just start over with another clean sweep today. 

stress woman

Starting to Form Stacks of Paper Clutter

Many people are unable to file important documents in an efficient way because their homes continuously accumulate too many random objects . This situation makes it nearly impossible for everyone living inside that area not to lose track of paperwork when they aren’t expecting it – which can lead to piles and piles building up over time.

pile of works

You Feel Unreasonably Anxious at Home

A cluttered home can affect your mental and physical well-being . When you feel overwhelmed by unnecessary things taking up space, it’s hard to relax.

If you’re losing sleep over the disorganization inside your house , decluttering is essential for a better life. It may not be easy at first; however, once everything has its place again, living in such spaces will become easier day after day until finally reaching peace of mind!

Desperate woman

Your Own Clutter Can Quickly Embarrass You

When you avoid having friends and/or family members over because your home is filled with random messes, then it’s time for decluttering.

Even if this clutter isn’t a health hazard to anyone living inside that area, many people still feel embarrassed by the disorganization in their homes . They may not want to have others see how cluttered those areas are out of fear it will reflect badly on them or make them appear unorganized as well. However, once everything has been properly placed back where it belongs , such feelings needn’t be permanent!

If certain individuals do visit during these periods at first though; don’t hesitate to give yourself permission to take some extra time after they leave just so you can put things away again before anyone has a chance to judge you or your home .

man clutter room

You Don't Have to Unpack Anything

People who don’t unpack their suitcases after returning home from travel are exhibiting signs that they need to declutter.

Everyone has a different amount of time it takes for them to find certain items when unpacking , but if you’re constantly forgetting where you put something, then it’s time for decluttering! This can be due to an overload of stuff in your house – which is never good .

It’s okay not to have everything perfectly organized at this point in case there are more trips on the horizon later on; however, try making an extra effort by finding places inside your homes just so you can place new things without worrying about whether or not these areas will become cluttered again quickly.

You’ll thank yourself later ! So stop putting it off before you forget what’s in there and where exactly to find it.


You'd Like to Relocate or Remodel Your Home to Make Additional Room

One of the biggest signs that you need to declutter your home is when there are just too many items taking up space inside.


If it feels like the only way to accommodate more objects into a given area would be by ripping down walls or moving furniture around, then it’s time for decluttering! This will not only help with resale value if and/or when you decide later on that you want to move; but can also increase livable space right where those items currently reside as well.


However, this doesn’t mean getting rid of everything – unless necessary – since having some belongings means better quality sleep at night and instead of making sure these areas look nice as soon as possible after such periods in case anyone does visit.


You’ll be so glad you did this later on as well! So start decluttering today.

House remodeling

You’re Spending More Time Cleaning Than Usual

Even if you’re cleaning your home thoroughly every day, it’s easy to get distracted or let things pile up on certain days. This can lead to decluttering because of the sheer amount of time spent trying to remove dirt and grime from even one room .

woman cleaning

If this is how individuals feel, then it’s possible more items could be added into that space without ever completing a thorough clean – which will always take longer than expected anyway since no one is perfect! Declutter everything instead so that these types of feelings don’t happen again later on whenever someone does come over for an impromptu visit. 

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