The Blankstatic is the vertical storage solution for all your gadgets and stuff whilst also providing your workspace a sleek and modern appeal.

The spacious design offers a minimalist look, but with freedom to play within the lines.

Tailor the accessories you need to your taste. With over a dozen compatible Magcessories, you are guaranteed that Blankstatic has an ideal solution for you!


Space Saving
NFC-Enabled Platforms
Fully-Customizable Organizing Kit
Premium Vegan Leather
Ergonomic Design
High-Grade Magnet
Restickable Platforms
Wall Safe

Product Information

Blankstatic: Your Ultimate Vertical Storage Solutions

The Blankstatic delivers an unparalleled vertical storage solution, seamlessly integrating all your gadgets into one cohesive space while elevating your workspace’s modern aesthetic. While its design exudes minimalism, it encourages imaginative utilization within its boundaries. Customize with a range of over a dozen Magcessories to curate the perfect setup tailored just for you. Experience the pinnacle of organizational design with Blankstatic.

  • One-stop spot for storing all your gears and gizmos
  • Includes A3 sized metal plate encased in high-quality leather
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Self-adhesive backing that can be mounted on any wall or other surface
  • Available in Dark Indigo and Lilac
  • Dimensions: 15.3cm x 0.8cm x 21.8cm
  • Weight: 653g


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