Hexstatic, a magnetic wall organizer that redefines spatial aesthetics. Drawing from the hexagon’s perfect blend of circular harmony and polygonal precision, this organizer promises a strikingly sophisticated surface. Dive into endless customization possibilities, ensuring your space radiates uniqueness and order.


Space Saving
NFC-Enabled Platforms
Fully-Customizable Organizing Kit
Premium Vegan Leather
Ergonomic Design
High-Grade Magnet
Restickable Platforms
Wall Safe

Product Information

Hexstatic: Your Modular Magnetic Wall Organizer

The Hexstatic is your versatile magnetic wall organizer, offering limitless adaptations for any cherished space. Inspired by the hexagonal shape—balancing the harmony of a circle with the distinctiveness of a polygon—it presents a captivatingly refined surface. With the Hexstatic, transform and organize your wall as the canvas for your creative vision.

  • Perfect way to give your working space an instant makeover
  • Includes three metal plates with leather padding
  • Form larger backplanes by combining more Hexstatics
  • Self-adhesive backing that can be mounted on any wall or other surface
  • Available in Dark Indigo and Lilac
  • Dimensions: 20.3cm x17cm x 0.1cm
  • Weight: 112g x 3


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