RFID Card Holder


Experience the Coulf Original RFID Card Holder: an exquisite pull-tab wallet that masterfully fits up to 5 cards, from credit to business. Designed for elegance and functionality, its cascading mechanism offers quick access, while advanced RFID technology ensures ultimate security. Seamlessly attach it with its magnetic charm to Static Platforms or Attachnote, streamlining your card-finding process. Available in sophisticated shades of ‘Steel Blue’ and ‘Blush Rose’.


Space Saving
NFC-Enabled Platforms
Fully-Customizable Organizing Kit
Premium Vegan Leather
Ergonomic Design
High-Grade Magnet
Restickable Platforms
Wall Safe

Product Information

Effortless Elegance: The Coulf Original RFID Card Holder with Quick Access

Discover the Coulf Original RFID Card Holder: A sleek pull-tab wallet tailored to perfection. Its cascading design effortlessly accommodates up to 5 cards be it debit, credit, or business cards with ease. Plus, with RFID Blocking Technology, rest assured your data stays shielded and safe.

Not only does our original card holder look chic on display with its magnetic charm for you to stick behind Static Platforms or Attachnote, but it also saves time when looking for a specific card when digging through purses!

  • Advanced RFID Protection Feature
  • Accommodates up to 5 cards effortlessly
  • Sleek contemporary aesthetics
  • Compact design with adaptable features
  • Superior magnet strength with long-lasting components
  • Available in “Steel Blue” and “Blush Rose”
  • Dimensions: 10.1cm x 7.4cm x 1cm
  • Weight: 37.7g


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